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SUNSAT TV downlink commissioned.

SUNSAT's TV downlink has been received very well on a number of occasions. We consider the TV system in SUNSAT to be operational, and have moved on to other testing.

We received noise-free signals only using orbital predictions for tracking. Our conical scan tracking system is presently receiving reconstructive surgery!

JPL's TurboRogue GPS receiver producing navigation solutions.

The Turbo-Rogue receiver is receiving strong GPS signals and producing navigation solutions. Some data packets are being incorrectly logged by SUNSAT's on board computer. The cause is known and will be corrected in future software uploads.

Please don't transmit on 145.825 MHz

We appeal to all Amateurs in SA and surrounds to avoid transmitting on 145.825 MHz when SUNSAT passes are possible. We are using this frequency for a lot of SUNSAT downlinking, and occasional uplinking, so please please avoid transmitting on this frequency. Thanks!

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