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"SED: the technical support component of the SUNSAT team"

Sunsat Sponsors:

Grintek Chair of Satellite Systems

The Grintek Group, by establishing the Grintek Chair of Satellite Systems (1990-1995) enabled the whole SUNSAT project to be initiated.

SUNSAT Advisory Board

In 1991 the following companies formed the SUNSAT Advisory Board which has guided and helped sponsor the SUNSAT project

Other Sponsors

The folowing companies have also contributed to the SUNSAT project :

Technology in Education

MTN-SUNSTEP The MTN-SUNSTEP program is geared towards taking technology to children.

Other Satellite Links

Space-related links:

Linking to the SUNSAT page

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which looks like this :


If you want, you can make a copy of the logo to keep on your machine (change the img tag of course !!).

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