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Through the 2000s, most of the research in the group focussed on the application of the finite element method (FEM) to high-frequency electromagnetics problems. This research included work on higher order elements, absorbing boundary conditions (ABCs), perfectly matched layers, curvilinear elements, hybrid explicit-implicit finite element time domain formulations and application of the finite element tearing and interconnecting scheme. Additionally, some work was done on divergence conforming elements, and volume integral equation based methods. All this work has been published in various forms.

Recently, consider focus has developed on high performance compututing, with work done in collaboration with the national Centre for High Performance Computing developed a parallel CBFM based proof-of-principle code, extensive work on the use of GPUs for computational EM, and the use of diverse HPC architectures (eg tradiational clusters, IBM BlueGenes, Sun M9000 shared memory systems) for FDTD.

A current project is the application of scripting languages, in particular Python, to the development of computational electromagnetics codes. Our first major code, SUCEM:FEM, offering some RF & microwave functionality for the FEniCS package, is in the process of being released.

With the appointment of the head of the group to the SARChI SKA research chair at SU, a new focus on radio astronomy is currently emerging.