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Prof. M.J. Kamper, Tel. +27 21 808 4455 or kamper@sun..ac.za

Dr. R.J. Wang, Tel. +27 21 808 3890 or rwang@sun.ac.za

Post Graduate Projects for 2007

Renewable Energy

RE1 "Electrical wind-pump technology for the Palmiet pump storage scheme: A technical and economical investigation with small-scale prototyping". [PhD or MscEng study]
RE2 "Micro-hydro water generator power electronic inverter supply system for waterfall-guesthouse site: An investigation with practical implementation" [MscEng study]
RE3 "Novel permanent magnet generator technology for wind and water turbines at a sub 10 kW power level" [MscEng study]
RE4 "Doubly-fed reluctance synchronous wind generator system: optimal design and performance evaluation on sub MW power level and small-scale prototyping" [PhD study]

Electrical Vehicles

EV1 "Axial flux in-wheel permanent magnet drive technology for electrical vehicles: Design and performance comparison" [PhD or MscEng study]
EV2 "Four-wheel traction and energy control of electrical vehicle with positionfeedback in-wheel drives" [MscEng study]
EV3 "Position sensorless control of in-wheel motor for electrical vehicles" [MscEng]

Electrical Drives

ED1 "Direct field and direct torque control of seven-phase cage induction motor drive with special phase current waveforms" [MscEng study]
ED2 "Manufacturing and evaluation of SMC material for electrical machine

applications" [MscEng study]